by Paulina Luba

According to the report published by the Institute of Innovative Economy Towards circular economy – recommendations for development and implementation of practical solutions for businesses”, since 2004 the amount of waste produced in the European Union has decreased by 2,1 %, whereas in Poland  it has grown by 30,3%. It shows how inefficiently we use our resources. Economic growth was generated mainly as a result of increased use of resources, not because of a more efficient use of them. Europe has already started its way towards a more circular economy, and it should lead to savings amounting to 8% of annual turnover of companies and add 170 000 jobs in the waste management sector. Poland should make use of possibilities connected with the implementation of the circular economy.

The main topics that were covered in the report are food waste, packaging, e-waste, public-private partnerships. The report was created based on series of round tables with various stakeholders and it includes practical solutions for businesses.

The full report can be found here :full report.

Partners of the report and the debates: Jeronimo Martins Polska, Refood/Saria, Rekopol Packaging Recovery Organisation, Remondis Electrorecycling,  Stena Recycling oraz SUEZ Polska.


IIG presenting the report