by Christina Drechsel

The mission of the Green Alley Award is simple: helping Europe’s most innovative businesses in the circular economy to flourish in the market. We are Europe`s first startup prize for innovative ideas on how to turn waste (back) into a valuable resource and want to give these promising businesses the visibility they deserve. With our expertise we support startups to implement new ways of waste prevention, improvements in recycling and digital solutions for the circular economy.


The award was initiated by Landbell Group and has been run annually since 2014. In the past years we got to know groundbreaking solutions in different fields such as resource conservation, material recovery, reuse, recycling management or CO2 saving. Landbell Group wants to pave the way for a new generation of green startups and this way help transition the linear economic model into a circular one. Therefore it offers strategic support, network opportunities and advice on how to expand into the European market.


Within four years, more than 600 start-ups from 52 countries applied for the award, amongst others the winners RePack (2014), Adaptavate (2015), Green City Solutions (2016) and Sulapac (2017). The Finnish start-up RePack came up with the idea of a reusable packaging envelope that can be used up to 20 times by being professionally recovered and brought back into the life-cycle. UK-based Adaptavate is redesigning building materials with its innovative approach of breathable and recyclable panels instead of conventional plasterboards. In 2016, the winner Green City Solutions, convinced the jury of the Green Alley Award with an urban moss installation absorbing Co2. 2017 the two Finnish entrepreneurs Suvi and Laura won over the jury with their biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging – an eco-packaging made of wood and natural adhesives.