by r2pi project

The Department of Economics at the University of Malta hosted a Round Table on the Circular Economy and Greening Enterprise with local representatives of state and private entities and stakeholders with an interest in circular economy on Thursday 27th April 2017 .
The focus of the discussion was the measurement of business circularity. The potential of measuring circularity through survey questions, common indicators and/or a material flow analysis was discussed. Participants shared these experiences during the round table discussion with the aim of supporting the local transition to a circular economy.
Professor John Thøgersen, visiting  the Department of Economics, also addressed the Round Table.  Professor Thøgersen is Professor of Economic Psychology at Aarhus University with experience in projects on sustainable lifestyles, social norms in the environmental field, energy-related behavior in households and consumer acceptance of organic food products.
Dr. Marie Briguglio and Dr. Jonathan Spiteri both presented an overview of the R2π – Transition from Linear 2 Circular: Policy and Innovation project. The University of Malta is a partner on the R2π project, funded by the Horizon 2020 program. Members of the R2π international consortium consist of 15 partners from nine Member States and associated countries (UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Malta, Poland, Belgium and Israel). The aim of the R2π project is to accelerate the transition to circular economy, highlighting business models for circular economy and proposing policy that will support such business models.