by Shona Mcdermott

On 25th Oct 2017, some of our researchers travelled to Geneva to attend the World Resources Forum 2017, where they delivered a workshop: “How to Transition from Linear to Circular” and here’s what they’re telling us:

The shift towards a circular economy has undisputed benefits for the world and its citizens.  It is a clear opportunity for organisations who can successfully transition their models – or develop new and disruptive ones – which effectively create, deliver, and capture value in a manner that is decoupled from resource use and depletion.


Yet, how do you embed circular economy in ways that are scalable, self-sustaining and create value for your organisation, partners, customers and wider stakeholders?

How can you as an individual become an effective ‘change-maker’ and even an ‘improvement-maker’?

These questions are relevant whether you are a business directly facing these challenges, a policy maker trying to effect system-level improvements, or a civil society organisation that is informing and influencing others.

During the workshop, participants looked at a powerful approach to building relationships and value exchanges – which can be used to facilitate dialogues with colleagues, partners and customers – and took away practical actions to accelerate their transitions immediately.

For the full and visual report click here.


****The World Forum has Released the Event Report