by r2pi project

We devised these tools for you to reference in advancing your business towards Circular Economy and in adopting Circular Economic Business Models


Circular Business Model Innovation Toolkit_Contents

1- Conditions for Success

2- Get to know your team

3- R2Pi Busines Model Canvas

4 – Starting your Innovation Journey

5a- Business Model Strengths and Weaknesses Diagnostic

5b- Business Model Strengths and Weaknesses Diagnostic (Download as xlsx file)

6- Material Flow Perspective

7- Value Network

8- SWOT Analysis

9- Confidence v. Ambition

10a- Circular Business Model Diagnostic

10b- Circular Business Model Diagnostic (Download as xlsx file)

11- CEBM Patterns

12- CE Business Model Elements

13- Significant Assumptions

14- Roadmap

15- Cost/ Benefit Analysis

16- Transition Readiness Self Assessment