Geneva World Resources Forum

On 25th Oct 2017, some of our researchers travelled to Geneva to attend the World Resources Forum 2017, where they delivered a workshop: “How to Transition from Linear to Circular” and here’s what they’re telling us: The shift towards a circular economy has undisputed benefits for the world and its citizens.  It is a clear

by Shona Mcdermott

How UEAPME is helping SMEs on the quest for Circular Economy

UEAPME has certainly been keeping busy while it strives to stay as involved as possible in all EU committees and working groups. The main reason for this representation is to ensure that SMEs’ interests are kept into consideration during the discussions of these bodies and that SMEs can express their opinion on the different issues

by Guido Lena

R2PI Policy Packaging Process – An overview

Objective no.5 of R2PI project is: “To translate the knowledge gained throughout the project into policy package concepts tested on real-world conditions (Policy Packages) for use by policy makers (on a national and EU level) and other stakeholders for a resource efficient economy based on the concept of circular economy (This will be delivered in

by r2pi project

Developing a “Circular Economy” Roadmap

“Systemic circular economy solutions for businesses” is a series of debates organized by the Institute of Innovative Economy and economy Coalition in Warsaw, Poland. The following debates have taken place so far: on circular economy package on the 10th of May 2017, on food waste on the 8th of June 2017 and on packaging on

by Paulina Luba

How Can You Benefit from a Circular Economy?

“We are overshooting the earth’s capacity to regenerate our natural resources while undershooting our human capacity to design a more viable and valuable system. Transitioning from the wasteful linear economy to an efficient circular economy will benefit you now and in the future.” You are welcome to read about the top 10 benefits of a

by r2pi project

Raymond slaughter, our R2PI project manager, will be a panelist at Interreg Europe’s Thematic Workshop on CE in Brussels

The Interreg Europe’s Thematic Workshop on Circular Economy will be held in Brussels at the 29th of June. Raymond Slaughter, project manager of R2PI, will be one of the panelists. The thematic community of regional practitioners working on circular economy discusses the latest developments in the field, as well as brainstorms on what joint action can

by r2pi project

R2PI Project coordinator Alexis Figeac is on the jury of the Green Alley Award 2017!

Alexis Figeac, our R2Pi project coordinator,  is one of the new faces in the jury of the Green Alley Award 2017! The Green Alley Award is Europe’s first start-up competition focused on the circular economy, and a partner of R2Pi. Alexis gave them an interview on how he got to establish the EU funded R2Pi project

by r2pi project

R2PI Project and the Round Table Hosted by the Department of Economics at the University of Malta

The Department of Economics at the University of Malta hosted a Round Table on the Circular Economy and Greening Enterprise with local representatives of state and private entities and stakeholders with an interest in circular economy on Thursday 27th April 2017 . The focus of the discussion was the measurement of business circularity. The potential

by r2pi project

R2PI Project Workshop – Hosted by the University of Malta

A workshop of the R2π  project was hosted by the Economics Department of the University of Malta this week. Members of the international consortium consisting of 15 partners from 9 Member states and associated countries (The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Malta, Poland, Belgium and Israel) were present. The workshop focused on deriving a

by r2pi project

Review of State-of-the-Art Research in Circular Economy

To get us started, we have our first cross sector deliverable! This deliverable consists of three papers reviewing the literature, definitions and concepts in the key areas of the R2Pi project:    A Review of the European Union’s Circular Economy Policy, Report on State-of-the-Art Research in the Area of Circular Economy and Defining the Concept of

by r2pi project